There are more and more organizations looking to take legal action against those that download content via torrents. One of the key pieces of evidence that these organisation use to find users is the IP address used to download a torrent. Pretty much everything you do o the Internet is logged using your IP address, and a simple complaint from an organization may result in your ISP disclosing the end user of the P address in question.

By using a proxy, you’re own IP address remains totally hidden, and only the proxy IP address is logged. This provides an extra layer of security and a fairly high level of anonymity. Of course the proxy provider themselves may well keep detail log files which will only slow down any investigation.

We at Torrent Proxies don’t keep log files at all, so there is no record of what site(s) or torrents you’ve accessed via your proxy IP address. All our proxies are based in the USA and include unlimited bandwidth. Our proxies can be used with BitTorrent, uTorrent and other torrent clients that allow the use of proxies.

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