What is Rice Purity Test ?

People always concern about their personality when they go out of their comfort zone. Keeping this factor in mind Rice University decided to do a test of their fresh students to check their maturity and build a good relationship with their seniors.

And I am sure, you are one of that person who wants to check their maturity level and want to know what kind of personality you have.

And if I am not wrong then you have come up in the right place because today in this article I am going to explore Rice purity test which will help you to identify your personality.

Let’s begin…

What is Rice Purity Test?

rice purity test

Rice purity test is a self-graded survey which attempts to check the maturity and innocence level of a person by asking a different kind of questions related to alcohol, sex, breaking laws and some other naughty questions.

Rice purity test has been made by collecting a 100 very personal question from human life and one who wants to check their maturity level would have to answer all the question carefully by ticking in front of a question which applies to their life.

Once you answered all the question, scroll down and click on submit. As you will on hit on submit button, it will process all your answer and give you result in the form of percentage from 0 to 100. 0 is the least maturity level and 100 is the most maturity level.

This collection of rice purity test score has a different kind of questions from a very innocence and cute relationship with your partner to the sensational part of it too like masturbation, sex like that.

So before you go to give this test, let me tell you that this test is very adult level. One more thing this test is allowed to only those who are 18 above.

It has been created by the Rice University for a Fresh Students to build a good bonding with their seniors.

Till now many more versions of Rice Purity Test has been released and each one became much more difficult than the previous one check here.

The original version of rice purity test was released in 1924 and only female students was allowed to test their maturity and innocence at that time but nowadays it available for everyone.

During the creation of this test, the only motive was to check the purity of a person but as it started releasing in different version people started getting it adventurous.


Let’s wrap up…
Above we have seen about a Rice Purity Test which is a test designed by Rice University to check the maturity level of Rice’s university.

Rice Purity test is a collection of 100 very personal questions to human life and one who wants to test their maturity either he/she from the Rice University or somewhere else have to answer all the question and then click on the submit button.

From 1924 to till now it has been released in many version and each one was difficult than the previous one.

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